70 minutes – no intermission – 4w

After a bitter seven-year absence, Anna feels compelled to visit her mother Jeanie, who has succumbed to severe dementia, and now lives in a nursing home. Jeanie’s primary care giver is Nurse Nancy, who grew up with Anna but was never her friend. Woven throughout the action is Enkha, the spirit of a 14-year-old Mongolian eagle huntress who dwells within Jeanie’s rich imagination and haunts the home she was forced to leave. After trying in vain to connect with her mother, Anna retreats to the old homestead where she unearths a diary that reveals a chilling account of a traumatic event suffered by the teenaged Jeanie. Anna returns to the nursing home to even more chaos which causes Nurse Nancy and Anna to decide to meet later that night. As a snowstorm rages outside, the two women revisit ancient pain and discover surprising truths. The next day the three meet again at the nursing home and the spirit of Enkha appears one last time to orchestrate an event that has the power to set them all free.

Production History: Power was developed at the Pipeline Collective Salon