90 minutes – no intermission – 2m, 7w, 2 non-binary, 1 trans woman, 1 child of either gender

A drama in three parts with a prologue and epilogue.

Possession follows the magical trail of a string of pearls: first through the murky waters of the Hudson River, then into the belly of a fish leaping to shore in a rare Mobile Bay Jubilee, and finally to the graceful neck of a trans woman claiming the life she is compelled to lead. The unifying elements of this three-part play are the lure of precious jewels, the tension between owning and being owned, the depth of human cruelty, the potential for joy, and the ever-present possibility of intercession from a benevolent spirit.

Production History: Possession was developed throughout 2021 on Zoom with the Pipeline-Collective Salon of Nashville, TN, involving actors, directors, and dramaturgs from all over the USA.