126 minutes – one intermission – 2w, 5m, 9 gender non-specific

Cast can double some roles with an ensemble of 8-10 actors and should be multi-racial, with ages from 9 to very mature.

A sudden and shocking trauma shakes the tenuous stability of the home shared by Jane Thompson, a psychologist and famous expert on resiliency, and her paraplegic husband Robert. Jane decides to hike the Appalachian Trail alone to try to piece together her new reality. She meets several fascinating fellow travelers along the way who tempt her to join them, but she stubbornly insists on trudging on alone.  Relying on her forest skills — which turn out to be woefully inadequate — she wanders off-trail and plummets into a deep ravine. Trapped and starving, with her strength ebbing by the hour, she receives a miraculous visit from someone who helps her peacefully accept the inevitable next step.

Production History: Bend was developed at the Pipeline Collective Salon