Last Rights

10 minutes – 2 women

Two estranged sisters fight to the finish for their rights at the painful climax of a family crisis.  Who has control?  Who holds the key to the best outcome, and will anyone come out alive?


10 minutes – 2 women

Two women, one beauty shop, and truth is mirrored two ways


10 minutes – 2 women

The unbridled desire to hoard people and possessions plays out to a lethal conclusion.

Snow in Paris

10 minutes – 1 woman, 1 man

Early morning on a special anniversary in the most romantic city in the world – a time to catalogue loss and find the light.

The Price

10 minutes – 2 women

Two women, a boutique make-up counter, lots of laughs until a bluff is called.


10 minutes – 1 woman, 1 man

Before wrath there is always love, but for this married couple a tender embrace turns ferocious and forces them to a tragic end.

Wrath was performed in the Ten-Minute Playground, February, 2017, at the Dark Horse Theatre Main Stage, in Nashville, TN

Gandhi Has Fun (short version)

25 minutes – 5 women, 3 men

The ghost of a furious Gandhi appears to Gloria, a wealthy socialite.  He complains bitterly that because he was assassinated, he never completed his work on earth and is forever blackballed from the most exclusive Ultra Heaven time share that is reserved for all the major deities.  So Gloria throws a dinner party with six extraordinary guests to help him brainstorm a solution.  Over an evening of fighting, flirting, and super-natural shenanigans, the real truth is revealed and redemption becomes a possibility, much to Gandhi’s delight.

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